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11th Hour Prototypes provides a fast, no-nonsense prototyping service for clients in any industry. The company offers base level SLA or SLS prototypes – this means components straight off the machine – with no finishing. However, there is no compromise on accuracy or reliability. 

“A quick in and out the door solution!”

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Excellent Pedigree

11th Hour Prototypes is a service provided by Malcolm Nicholls Limited, a long established model making and rapid prototyping company, with an exemplary reputation. This family run business brings a wealth of experience and high levels of expertise to the prototyping process.

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the latest materials and speedy quotes

We offer some of the newest materials in the RP market to date. Such as:-
SLS - Innov'PA 1550 (Nylon 12), Innov'PA2550 GBAL (Glass and aluminium filled nylon12). SLA - Watershed 11122 XC (A clear ABS like material)
These materials have already been tried and tested.
Quotes within two hours. We know that time is of the essence. Get a quote now
Whether you just want quick visual models or functional models then contact us today.

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